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Jewellers Block Insurance

Securing Your Jewellery Store with a Jeweller’s block insurance is extremely important when you handle high-value items as a single loss can have a dramatic impact upon overall business.

Our Jeweller’s block insurance provides coverage tailored to fit a variety of your business needs. The coverage secures risk against the stock in all your premises and in the custody of the owner, whilst also covering factors such as theft and burglary in addition to the usual risks covered such as natural & Man Made Calamities. Coverage can also be acquired for when such high value items are in transit, be it from a manufacturer or in the possession of a exhibition.

Jeweller’s block insurance therefore provides those trading high value goods, with the peace of mind needed to enable their business to operate effectively, safe in the knowledge they are fully protected from any future disaster.

What Does A Jewellers Insurance Cover.

Here’s What Our Jewellers Block Insurance Policy covers

Section 1 A:

covers the stock in all your premises from natural (Fire, Storm, Flood, Lightning, Land-erosion, Earth quake, and similar.) & man-made calamities (Theft, Shoplifting, Forced entry, hold-up, Burglary)

section 1 B:

Covers stock in custody of Owner, employees, or Partners anywhere whenever or wherever in their custody during a holdup robbery or snatching or roll call also extended to theft.

Section 1 B II:

Covers stock in custody of smiths, Job workers, Cutters, Sorters, Hall markers, etc. from natural & man made calamities during valuables at premises or travel.

Section 1 C:

Covers natural & man-made calamities of Stock in Transit via Couriers/ Angadias/ Logistics company (BVC, Sequel, etc.)

Section 2:

Covers stock in natural & man-made calamities at all jewellers’ exhibitions including the transit & vaulting.

Section 3:

Covers your cash during transit & premises from natural & man-made calamities.

Section 4:

Covers Infidelity (being unfaithful, dishonest or disloyal or similar) by employee & Third party.

Section 5:

Covers furniture, fixtures, electrical equipment or installations, machinery, building, etc from natural calamities.


Any Special Coverage Required, Like: Gift Items, Souvenirs, etc.

Our Core Values

Secure Your Jewellery Store With India’s Finest Jewellers Block Insurance Policy.

Qualified Experts

Experience in trade of jewellery & Bullion of 20 years. So we understand your risk better.

Tailor made policy

Serving your requirement by mentioning what you want in the Jewellers Block policy bond.

Claim settlement

For Your Jewellers Block Policy We Solve claims on FIR basis and not on final report.

All risk policies

Be assured. once your with us Your jewellery store is fully covered under our Jewellers block insurance.

Best pricing

We believe in 100% transparent pricing for your jewellery store insurance and we are the 1st to take it online.

Lifetime Support

Supportive lawyer tie-up & Security system reference and lifetime support for queries.

Our Mission

When it comes to customer commitment, not many companies are as hyper-focused as Ambicaa Jewel Insurance is. Although Jewellers Insurance Policy, quality, and value all have a place in the company’s mission statement, it’s crystal clear that it’s all about the customer: “Ambicaa Jewel Insurance works relentlessly to give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible.”

When You Buy Your Jewellery Store Policy From Us, you’ll know the brand will uphold a high standard for customer service mentioned in its mission statement, as we ensure we are doing everything that can to make us India’s finest Jewellers Block Insurance Consultants.

Our Vision

“Build the best Jewellers Insurance Policy, cause no unnecessary Conflics, use business to inspire and implement risk securing solutions For Your Jewellery Store.”

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